Inner Circle

Inner Circle is Designed with only one thing in mind. Connecting my Astrological Insights to your life, as often as possible, for the highest benefit. At the lowest cost imaginable.

Premium Horoscopes ($99 Value)

Yes, I do offer free daily horoscopes, again (and forever). It’s true! But they are only the tip of the iceberg. A small glimpse into the true power of horoscopes.

With Inner Circle, you will be receiving high-quality, meticulously hand-crafted Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Horoscopes. This standard of quality is not available elsewhere.

Most Astrological websites offer horoscopes, simply with the intent of driving traffic to their websites – without much regard for their applicability and accuracy.

I can’t offer these for free, because they require a team beyond myself, to help in the editing and delivery of the horoscopes.

VIP Horoscopes ($39 Value)

Targeted Horoscopes are focused specifically on Love & Romance, as well as, Career & Money.

I know how important these areas of your life are to you, so I don’t want your heart to skip a beat!

You’ll be receiving horoscopes (in addition to your premium horoscopes) that are focused exclusively on these two most crucial life areas.

Astro-Alerts ($50 Value)

You want to watch out for the most important energies each month? So do I!

Astro-Alerts will be sent out 2 – 3 times per month, with detailed astrological insights and predictions, to offer you a rich perspective on current world events, tragedies, triumphs, potential speculations (such as elections), and much more.

Essentially, if there’s a major, international news story – you will be receiving an Astro-Alert about it!

12 Month Forecast & Solar Return ($70 Value)

This is a personal touch, that I am so happy to offer.

Along with the constant stream of Premium & VIP Horoscopes, you will also receive 2 complimentary Personalized Reports. Both specifically designed to guide you through 2018!

Allow your 12 Month Forecast and Solar Return to provide the much needed ease you need for the upcoming year.

And make sure to set aside time to read them!

Your 12 Month Forecast will be over 20,000 words alone!

Understanding Your Horoscope ($99 Value)

As many of you are already aware, I have a course – Understanding Your Horoscope, which is designed for you to get the most out of your Premium Horoscopes.

As with all of my courses and offerings, I am now undergoing a major transition, re-shooting everything with a top of the line production team (including 4k cameras, high-fidelity audio, editing, and more).

Understanding Your Horoscope will be re-launched in the Spring, and if you don’t already own it – this is your best deal!

You will have access for 1 full year, which is more than enough time to utilize all of the course material!

Don’t miss out! I already had to restrict ‘life-time’ membership, because it was selling out too fast!

4 Major Shifts – Live Stream Webinars ($199 Value)

Phew, you’ve made it this far.

The last part of this incredible (and kind of insane, in how much I’m adding in) offer, are my new webinars!

What are they, you may ask?

Think of Astro-Alerts, except times 10.

There are a few MAJOR transits every single year, that effect us ALL in MASSIVE ways!

These 4 Webinars will be extensively pre-planned, 1hr live-streams on these major transits, with enough time for you to prepare for their coming.

Normally, I would charge $50 each, but I’m bundling them together, to sweeten the deal.

And yes, you will be able to ask questions on the live stream, to make sure everyone understands the energy that is coming forth.

Disclaimer: I won’t be doing personal readings or questions about individuals futures, however. That would be under Personal Readings or my Two Question Offer.

What’s the cost of Inner Circle?

Inner Circle is $20 per month (with 1 year subscription).

When will my 12 Month Forecast & Solar Return be sent to me?

They take a little while to fulfill properly, you can expect yours within 5 – 7 days of ordering. 🙂

When will my horoscopes be sent to me?

The day after signing up!

How do I join?

To join my Inner Circle, proceed with the ‘Signup Form’ below.

After submitting your information, you will be re-directed to PayPal, where you will be requested to send payment of $20.

Once payment is submitted, your information will be sent directly to my e-mail.

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