Terence Guardino, Los Angeles, CA a Western astrologer since 1977 who now includes the Dasha predictive techniques of Vedic astrology with his Western readings.

Terence has appeared twice on the ABC morning show, “Good Morning America” when he gave his predictions for the New Year. He has also been featured on VH-1 as the astrologer to an aspiring rock star. Terence was interviewed in the National Examiner  about his astrological findings with dolphins that were born in captivity with birth dates for these amazing animals. The New York Daily News and USA Today asked for his opinions on business travel trends when they interviewed him on his astrological forecasts. Additionally, the Los Angeles Times wrote up a piece on his horoscopes for children when they found out he had written an analysis for Madonna. In addition, Terence has appeared on numerous radio and television programs across the country. He’s also has had an extensive list of celebrity clients including Madonna, Earth Wind & Fire, Taylor Dayne, Goldie Hawn, Gennifer Flowers and more…

"First, I want to thank you for what I believe to be the most accurate reading I’ve EVER had.

As you said, the time was right and apparently, I saved the best for last. I truly appreciated the way you remained both professional and personal throughout the reading."

"I've known Terence Guardino professionally for over 35 years.

He's been my anchor through the trials and tribulations of my life. Our relationship has been a comforting element to me, just to know I have a good counselor to help me though my adversities."

"Thank you so much for the incredible readings you did for my grandchildren!

My daughter and I really appreciate them. Your reading for both of us a year and ½ ago were incredible.

You saved me from depression, knowing things would get better!

Thank you so much!"

"I have had Vedic and Western readings, from time to time, with some recognized names and have been student myself for several decades. Yours was the best.

I felt we met over the table without skype. Great tone, strong empathy, and reinforcing.

We will talk astrology again, as the world turns!

Thank you again for the in-depth reading."

"Dear Terence,

Over the past two years, your insight has been extremely useful to me, both with respect to both career matters and relationships.

Indeed, everything you said has actually materialized, and your analysis has proven extremely precise and equally accurate for short and medium terms events.

In addition, I am particularly impressed by the time and effort you dedicated to all my queries and I find the way you explained influences in details reinsuring. It is always a pleasure to read your reports that are always sent in a timely manner and I find that your answers always go above and beyond duty.

Thank you again for your work and be sure I will be back for more in the months and years to come.

Kind regards."

"I asked your guidance before (twice) and here I am again doing the same. I can honestly say that 99% of your predictions came through.

This time I would like to ask you about mainly a property matter."